Terms and Conditions



Barrelesque Hire is offering to hire furniture owned by Barrelesque Hire, to the person/s named in the Hire Agreement and Invoice

If the offer of hire is accepted it will, with the standard terms and conditions, constitute a contract between Barrelesque Hire and the person/s named on the Hire Agreement/Invoice. The terms and conditions are considered agreed upon once payment of the deposit  is made. 

1. Furniture:

1.1. The furniture will remain property of Barrelesque Hire. The hirer’s possession of the furniture will be as a bailee for the period of hire outlined in the Hire Agreement.


1.2. The furniture must be inspected upon delivery by Barrelesque Hire and the hirer to ensure it is in good condition and to note any prior damage. Upon completion of this inspection and unless otherwise stated, the hirer is deemed to be satisfied with the furniture and agree the delivery is in accordance with the order. 

1.3. In addition to the legal duties imposed upon bailees, the hirer must at all times:

a) Exercise reasonable care and diligence in the use of all furniture. All furniture is to remain safe and at the delivery address at all times during the period of hire. 

b) Minimise the movement of the barrels once they have been delivered.

c) Have the furniture available for collection in a suitable condition. Empty any ice/water/drinks from any esky hired. Remove any empty glasses/bottles from barrels etc.

d) Be responsible for all accidental damage to any furniture hired, the value of damage will be removed from the bond.

e) The hirer must not attempt to fix or conceal any damages.

f) Do not remove or deface any fittings, lights, bottle openers or logos from any of the furniture. 

g) Use any of the furniture for illegal activities.

1.4. In the event of high winds, storms or unsafe conditions all umbrellas must be taken down and placed in a safe position on the ground. Barrelesque Hire reserves the right to remove umbrellas from an order if the weather is unsuitable. The hirer will be notified if this occurs. 

1.5. The hirer bares the responsibility in the event that the furniture or any hired goods are lost or stolen during the period of hire. If the replacement costs exceed the bond, the hirer will indemnify Barrelesque Hire for any excess costs involved in replacement. All replacement costs are listed below in section 2.

1.6. In the event that the hirer fails or refuses to return all furniture upon conclusion of the period of hire, the hirer will be considered to be in breach of this contract and will be charged the hire cost of the furniture at a daily rate until such times as the furniture is returned to Barrelesque Hire. If Barrelesque Hire are required to undertake an additional removal of missing furniute additional fees will apply at the discretion of Barrelesque Hire.


1.7.  The hirer must ensure that Barrelesque Hire has access to the delivery address at the designated time and the hirer is present for the delivery, removal and subsequent inspections. 

2. Replacement Costs:

1. Whole Barrel - $150

2. Esky Barrel - $250

3. Half Barrel Esky - $80

4. Stool - $40

5. Wrought Iron Umbrella Stand - $50

6. Umbrella - $35

7. Antique Lounges - $500

8. Antique Chairs - $250

9. Wooden Chairs - $30

3. Terms of Payment:

3.1.  The hirer will pay the hire fee deposit to Barrelesque Hire, within seven days; if the deposit is not made by the payment date one reminder will be offered before Barrelesque Hire is no longer obligated to hold the booking.

3.2. Full payment of hire fee must be received 72 hours before the agreed upon time of delivery or the booking is forfeit.


3.3. Any cancelations made once full payment has been received will be refunded less the deposit/bond. 

4. Liability:

4.1. Barrelesque Hire is not liable for any loss incurred to the hirer where the hirer did not make access to the delivery site available at the requested time, the delivery site is not prepared for the furniture or the site is unsuitable for the furniture. 

4.2. The hirer must ensure the site is safe before accepting the Hire Agreement, thereby indemnifying Barrelesque Hire of any liability to any third party who suffers injury, loss or damage where such injury, loss or damage is caused by any neglect or omission of the hirer to ensure the site is safe. Barrelesque Hire may refuse to set up furniture if Barrelesque Hire feels the site is unsafe or inappropriate. 

4.3. Barrelesque Hire has no liability to the hirer for any damage or loss to which the hirer may sustain where the cause of the damage or loss is due to negligence of the hirer, any agents of the hirer or any third party contractors.

5. Fire Pits

The hirer is responsible for safe use of all fire pits and any damage that occurs through improper use. 

6. Photography

Barrelesque Hire reserves the right to tke photographs of our stock for promotional purposes.

Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.